Unique User Experience

Integrating the social media elements and the gamification features will establish a unique user experience based on relevance and organic growth. Content will be spread according to what is relevant for the users instead of a financial strength of the content owner.

Social & Fun

The social concept allows users new and very exciting ways to interact with the content and each other, making WOCOO® the most fun VoD platform on the market,

Limited Advertising

The platform will treat users with the highest respect. There will be no banner ads or “hidden” advertising through suggested posts. The only paid advertising will be as pre-roll ads before watching a film. This advertising will be transparently presented to the users as the financers of the “free viewing experience”.

Advertising Feedback

Users will be able to like or share advertising and respectively feedback advertising that is irrelevant for them. This way the will help us improve their watching experience.

Content owners

Increased Income

WOCOO® offers the opportunity for increasing return through the share-in revenue model.

Target Groups Optimization

Sharing the viewer statistics with the content owners, will enable them to learn about their viewers and improve on their promotion efforts. This way they’ll be able to optimize their communication and gradually increase the viewership of each piece of content.

Sales & Financing Support

Content owners will be able to use viewership statistics for selling their content on additional channels as well as negotiations with financers to support new productions.

Direct Communication

Content owners will be able to promote upcoming productions and start building their viewership ahead of the production launch. This will help them test new concepts and lower risks for new productions.


Own Media Planning Tool

WOCOO® is implementing its own ad-planning tool, based on the aggregated profiles of its users. This ensures realistic and relevant user statistics for the advertisers.

High Brand Safety

As all content present on WOCOO®  will be under strict and direct contract with our platform, all ads will be shown on strictly controlled content with no possibility to be shown in unsafe environments (see current youtube scandal: http://nypost.com/2017/03/25/after-a-worldwide-advertising-boycott-its-time-for-google-to-face-up-to-its-responsibilities/).

Fixed and Predictable Ad Pricing

WOCOO® will not use an automated bidding system for setting ad prices. By selling the ad positioning exclusively through direct partnerships with reputable media agencies, WOCOO® ensures that the online ad buying model generates predictable costs with measurable results.

Data Sharing

The WOCOO® open policy for sharing user statistics with the advertisers will help advertisers learn about their target groups and improve their communication efforts.

3rd Party Statistics

Transparency is highly important for us. This is why, WOCOO® is open to creating partnerships with external market research companies to provide 3rd party measurement for the industries. This will increase our trust-worthiness towards all our stakeholders.

These partnerships will be finalized with the utmost respect to the protection of the personal information of the users.