How it Works

In exchange for personal information and an opt-in agreement to accept limited advertising, WOCOO® offers its users free streaming services.  It employs a share-in revenue model which returns the lion’s share of advertising revenue to professional content creators (film makers, etc.), in exchange for quality content.  This ensures the acquisition, creation and distribution of new content on a regular basis.

  looks to disrupt the subscriber-only VoD business model by removing the financial obstacle for users seeking to broaden their content choices while inviting a potentially vast revenue stream for the content owners in the form of advertising.


  1. Content owner provides WOCOO® with the content.
  2. Advertisers pay WOCOO® for airing the advertising to very specific target groups.
  3. WOCOO® provides users the content with advertising being run before and after each video.
  4. WOCOO® delivers advertising and provides advertisers customer feedback.
  5. WOCOO® pays back to content owners the lion’s share of the advertising income.